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Corporate and Business


We provide services that will cater to the myriad and complex needs of a corporation, ranging from the maintenance and updating of corporate records, such as Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and General Information Sheet to conducting due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. As Corporate Secretary, we can also act as the secretary of a meeting and handle the preparation of the minutes of the meeting of both shareholders and directors or trustees. Our services also include incorporation, corporate restructuring, and processing of government requirements. Aside from legal consultation, the Office with its in house accountant and associate auditor (both CPAs) can also extend accounting, external auditing, and also property management services to small to medium scale businesses.


Our corporate and business clients encompass a wide variety of industries including, mineral processing companies, holding companies, real estate developers and lessors, actuaries, insurance pools, cosmetics, and construction project managers.


Litigation, Arbitration, and Mediation


The Office has extensive experience in representing clients in dispute resolutions, whether it be through arbitration, litigation, or mediation. Since the Office’s inception, we have been actively involved in arbitration and court litigation in disputes involving government corporations, insurance companies, corporations under rehabilitation proceedings, contract enforcement, and real property disputes.  


Since 2013, we have represented a pool of insurers in several arbitration proceedings as either collaborating counsel or main counsel against large government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs). As counsel, the Office has been successful in securing key temporary protective orders and interim measures of protection under the ADR in favor of its clients. Through the courts, the Office has caused two large GOCCs to honor their obligation to enter into arbitration proceedings with our clients to settle their disputes, and preserve their contractual relationship in the interim.


We have also represented clients in litigation proceedings before the Regional Trial Courts, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. Through thoughtful legal argumentation, the Office has secured the reversals of erroneous decisions of lower courts on appeal. More importantly, we believe that the best route to dispute settlement is a speedy one with least cost to its clients, thus, with presentation of stronger legal arguments backed by solid research, the Office has a record of causing opposing litigants to agree to settle on terms satisfactory to our clients.


Settlement of Estates


We provide comprehensive service in testate and intestate proceedings. The Office has facilitated the extra-judicial settlement of estates located within and outside of Metro Manila and whose heirs are based abroad, through the use of technology and networks both here and abroad. With the help of our in-house accountant, we will be able to study carefully the computation of taxes and advise how the heirs can be able to have a cost-effective final settlement of the estate.


Labor and Immigration 


We advise clients in the areas of labor and employment law. With effective legal advice and review of employment and consultancy contracts, workplace rules and regulations, and mediation of disputes with employees and sometimes even officers of the company, the Office aims to prevent costly litigation by making sure the client is compliant with all laws concerning labor relations and personnel management.


We have catered to the legal needs of both locally-based and foreign based employers who wish to send their employees abroad for training or work. We also give legal advice and assistance in the naturalization process of aliens wishing to acquire Filipino citizenship. We can also assist in the attainment of permanent resident visa or special resident retiree visa.

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